• Judith Macdonald-Lawson

    Judith is a very experienced BACP accredited counsellor/psychotherapist who specialises in working with all couples at all stages of their relationship


During the COVID-19 outbreak I can offer telephone and webcam sessions which may help you manage relationship issues during this difficult time.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling provides help and support for couples who are experiencing difficulties which are impacting their relationship, whether arising from the relationship itself or from external contributory factors. Read More

Separating Parents

Couples struggle to communicate effectively when their relationship is under strain. This is likely to be most difficult when parents decide to separate, even when this is a mutual decision. Read More

Family Consultant

Couples who choose to negotiate their separation and divorce through either family mediation or collaborative law, do so because they want to make their own decisions about child arrangements, and the division of their property and finance.
Read More

Family Mediation

Family mediation provides separating and divorcing couples with the opportunity to make their own decisions about the future arrangements for their children, finances, property and any other areas of conflict, with the reassuring presence of an impartial mediator. Communication is key to this process. Read More

Judith Macdonald-Lawson

I am a very experienced and accredited Relationship Counsellor and Psychotherapist, specialising in working with couples to help them understand the difficulties they are having in their relationship, and how, with a relatively short course of couples counselling, they can make long-lasting changes.  I work with couples at all stages of their relationships, from early tensions arising from the arrival of children, relationships with the wider family, affairs, experiencing an ‘empty nest’, to retirement.

As a Family Consultant (Divorce Coach), I work with both partners, providing impartial emotional and practical support for individuals, couples and families during separation and divorce.  Family Consultants work closely with collaborative lawyers to ensure the best outcome for the individuals and their family.  

I am also an accredited Family Mediator working either as a sole mediator or conducting co-mediations in collaboration with other mediators.  I can help you negotiate Child Arrangements, either as part of separation and divorce, or when those initial arrangements need to be reviewed, perhaps a number of years after the divorce.  As a Child Consultant, I provide Child Inclusive Mediation as part of Family Mediation and the Collaborative Law process.  

I am accredited by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, a Family Mediation Council accredited family mediator, a member of the Family Mediators Association and a member of Resolution.  I adhere to the BACP Code of Ethics and the Codes of Practice of the FMA, FMC and Resolution.  All my work is fully supervised. 

After a career in teaching, I worked for Relate for 10 years as a Senior Couples Counsellor, Family Counsellor, Psychosexual Therapist and Young Persons’ Counsellor, and have been working in private practice for 10 years.  I trained as a Family Mediator in 2014 and set up the South Downs Counselling and Mediation Practice in 2014 to provide an integrated service for individuals, couples, children and families needing professional help with a wide range of emotional needs.

My private practice based in comfortable and private counselling rooms in Midhurst, West Sussex.